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#1 – Bluehost

Best Web Hosting Companies 2014

Best Web Hosting Companies 2015

  • The $4.95 pricing is based on a 36 month prepaid account plan.
  • The $5.95 pricing is based on a 24 month prepaid account plan.
  • The $6.95 pricing is based on a 12 month prepaid account plan.

Bluehost is one of the best wordpress hosting providers. They will give you a domain name for FREE, and there’s no setup fee. Bluehost is perfect if you’re looking for inexpensive web hosting in 2015 and/or one of the best web hosting companies, then bluehost is it! Bluehost is actually the #1 recommend web host per

The Good:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builder w/Templates

The Bad:

  • No VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) – Now Available!
  • No Dedicated Server – Now Available!

Bluehost is user friendly, and it only takes about 10 minutes to have your website live for everybody to see. If you’d like to visually see step-by-step how easy it is to set up a website using Bluehost, then check out this article here: Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog (Under 10 minutes)

You can try Bluehost’s services for free by accessing their LIVE online demo site. Here’s the link to their LIVE demo page:


#2 – InMotion 

Best WordPress Hosting - InMotion

($5.95 – $13.95/month)

InMotion web hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and blogs. InMotion also has an exclusive feature called “Speed Zone.” If you’re within their “Max Speed Zones”, your website can run up to 6x faster.

“Speed Zone” allows you to choose your data center location. With data centers located in Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C., your information can be located closer to you which will improve your websites performance.

The Good:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name (1st Year)
  • Data Backup
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • VPS hosting available (check their website for pricing)
  • Dedicated hosting available (check their website for pricing options)
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  • InMotion has three hosting packages to choose from instead of just one: Launch, Power, and PRO. Too many options might confuse some people. If you want the best value for your money, go with the “Power Package.”
  • InMotion cost $1 more per month compared to Bluehost. That’s not a deal breaker though because InMotion offers “Speed Zone” technology which is an exclusive feature.

When you compare apples to apples, InMotion is equal to Bluehost. But if you live within the “Max Speed Zones”, then InMotion is better hands down!

InMotion is the #2 recommended web hosting provider. If you’d like to see a detailed list of all their features, then visit there website here:


#3 – GoDaddy 

Best WordPress Hosting - Go Daddy

($4.24 – $8.49/month)

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of review websites don’t recommend Go Daddy for web hosting. That’s mainly because Go Daddy doesn’t offer much for referral fees, so most people don’t want to waste their time recommending them. What a huge mistake! Go Daddy is amazing!

They have 3 main web hosting plans: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. If you decide to go with GoDaddy, you should at-least choose the “Deluxe” package. The Deluxe package will give you: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Websites, 500 Email Accounts, and 25 MySQL Databases for only $5.94/month.

The Good:

  • Fast, expert setup with exclusive Hosting Concierge
  • FREE email addresses
  • Exclusive savings at Template Monster
  • Google® Webmaster Tools
  • Website statistics
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • World-class data centers
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Daily backup
  • Best-of-breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • FTP access
  • VPS Hosting Available (Check website for pricing)
  • Dedicated Servers Available (check website for pricing)

The Bad:

Some people complain that GoDaddy doesn’t offer C-Panel (Control Panel) for shared hosting accounts. C-Panel is only available for VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. (Update: C-Panel is now avavible for shared hosting accounts.)

Instead of C-Panel, Godaddy has something called “HCC” which stands for “Hosting Control Center.” I personally don’t see what the big deal is. The “Hosting Control Center” has the same features as C-Panel; just the layout is different.

Save 20% With GoDaddy

You can save 20% if  you’re a new customer with GoDaddy. Just use the promo code: WOW24720

For more detail’s about GoDaddy and WordPress hosting, check out their WordPress hosting page here:


Best Web Hosting 2016 – Conclusion

They are a lot of super cheap web hosting companies, but you get what you pay for. The top 3 list in this article represents the best value for your money.

In all honesty, most web host companies charge about the same. On average, a 12 month hosting package will cost you about $90 – $110/year across the board.

It’s not only important to find a cheap web hosting service; but also to find a web host that’s reliable, has a user friendly platform, and great customer support.

I’ve used a lot of different WordPress hosting companies, and I believe Bluehost, InMotion, and GoDaddy are the best web hosting companies by a long shot.


Best Web Hosting (Top 3)



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Web Hosting & WordPress

A web hosting is a kind of Internet hosting that enables organizations and individuals to render their site accessible on the World-wide-web. Hosting providers are companies that offer space on server owned for use by customers, and also providing Internet connection, usually in data center. Web hosts could also provide data center space and connectivity to Internet for extra servers situated in their data center, known as collocation.

1.) Bluehost [coupon code]

best web hosting 2016


2.) InMotion [coupon code]

fastest wordpress hosting 2016


3.) GoDaddy [coupon code]

best wordpress hosting 2016


The range of web hosting varies drastically. The most simple is webpage and smaller file hosting, where files could be uploaded via FTP or Web interface. The files are often delivered to Web as is, or with little processing. Many Internet service providers- ISPs provide this service cost-free to subscribers. Organizations and Individuals might also get Web page hosting from other service providers. Personal website hosting is usually free or affordable. Business web website hosting usually have a greater expense based on the type and size of the website.

Generally, there’re actually four kinds of web hosting, which are: Dedicated, Virtual Private Server (VPS) , Shared and Cloud Hosting. All these hosting servers work as a facility to save your website files. They vary in the storage space capacity, technical knowledge needs, control, server speed and reliability. Let’s take a look into the variations among the types of web hosting:

Dedicated Hosting

This kind of server provides optimum control on web server where the web site is stored. Thus, you’ve the server all to yourself because your site is the just one hosted there.

Shared Hosting

It’s called shared hosting because a web site shares the same server with many other websites, which often vary from a few to thousands. All domains might share the same server resources such as the RAM and CPU. Since it comes at an incredibly low cost, most web sites that have moderate traffic levels utilizing regular software prefer to be hosted on this kind of server. This is as well an entry-level option, since it just requires little technical knowledge.

VPS Hosting

VPS divides a server into various virtual servers, where each web site is hosted on its private server but the truth is; it’s sharing same server with some users. Using this type of hosting, users have their own personal virtual space and also a reliable hosting environment. It is good for websites that need more control at server level; however hate to spend more on dedicated server.

Cloud hosting

It is type of hosting that enables customers reliable, salable and powerful hosting depending on clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing. A cloud created and hosted website might be dependent than alternatives because other computers in the cloud could compensate when one part of hardware goes down. Moreover, natural disasters or local power interruptions are much less complex for cloud hosted websites, since this type of hosting is decentralized.

Cloud hosting as well enables providers to charge customers solely for resources used by the person, instead of a set fee for the amount the person expects they’ll use, or a set cost in advance hardware investment. However, the deficit of centralization can give users much less control on where their data is situated which could possibly be a problem for customers with data protection or privacy concerns.



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web hosting for wordpress

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is becoming more common than before. It is a good blogging system that has assisted several bloggers to accomplish their goals.
WordPress offers the most convenient way to manage your web content and update your blog effectively. Also, it provides you with the possibility to have a blog as well as website all-in-one. Once your website is running, you’ve the greater chance to create traffic to your site.

Here’s a list of the best WordPress hosting providers:

  1. Bluehost
  2. InMotion
  3. Go Daddy

The very first reason why you should make use of WordPress is mainly because the web or blog site is managed through web based panel. Thus, your blog or website becomes extravagance for you to take a total control anywhere provided that there is an internet access. Apart from that, the website’s page or blog’s content and design are split up which makes it the most user friendly system when you use WordPress.

With the aid of the high technologies, even a guest could contribute to the website updating, comments and news without need of basic understanding of codes.

Secondly, many bloggers around the world like to use WordPress simply because it is totally free to modify and convenient to use. In fact, the platform and blog program is accessible for free meaning that only the hosting plan needs to be purchased.

In addition, WordPress hosting is good for novice on a limited budget. You do not need to invest too much money because cheap web hosting is a choice in WordPress hosting. Even though cheap hosting might be limited, it is actually helpful and dependable just like high-priced web hosting. A good tip for an efficient cheap hosting is to ensure that your website is readily accessible by your website visitors. As such, your website visitors will find you site comfortable hence making your site live and up-to-date.

The benefits that a blogger could get by setting up his/her blog in a WordPress hosting are so many. So if you’re seeking to run a website or a blog for your small business, you should find a good WordPress host provider. Selecting the best WordPress hosting provider can be a critical factor for the achievements of your small business or blog.

The greatest advantage of hosting your blog/website in WordPress Hosting is the fact that it gives improved scalability and security. The security you will get is just like that of dedicated server. Additionally, the quick access to the servers ensures maximum scalability. Another great thing is the huge storage space that’s available for every user based on his/her requirements.

Finally, WordPress hosting providers offer great uptime and dedicated support for business and personal websites. The support executives are responsive and polite and they offer multiple channels like live chat, email and direct phone contact as per your preference. Everybody is freely to get WordPress hosting benefits.

You do not have to be a skilled web-developer or webmaster as it would be easily managed and used. WordPress hosting gives numerous helpful means to render your blog on WordPress therefore WordPress hosting can never be complicated for you.



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best wordpress hosting 2016


Below is a list of the best WordPress Hosting in 2016 for small business owners and bloggers. The WordPress hosting providers below are fast, inexpensive, and reliable:

  1. Bluehost
  2. InMotion
  3. Go Daddy

With lots of companies and packages how can you choose the best hosting for your WordPress website? We have compared the top web hosts so that you could make the right choice.

Today there’re lots of hosting providers that you could choose to host WordPress blog. Although not all of them are the same. Most provides a good level of service, with great uptime and features. However when your blog traffic increases, will your hosting plan have sufficient bandwidth? As your website files increase, would you have sufficient disk space?

We’ve compared the top hosting companies and short listed the best packages. All these are good for running WordPress blog. They all provide great support and uptime as well as enough bandwidth and disk space for your WordPress blog to grow without you needing to go through the uncomfortable task of changing hosting company.
Listed here are the leading WordPress hosting providers:


It’s not strange that Bluehost has been in the business for more than 15 years. They provide great, dependable hosting at a very good price that’s hard to defeat from a professional company. BlueHost are among the leading hosting providers today.

They provide those added touches like the latest version of Fantastico and cPanel, so that you could conveniently install and manage your WordPress blog. With a huge 3000 GB bandwidth and 300 GB disk space you could comfortably grow you website content and viewership without outgrowing your hosting plan.

For only $4.95/month, Bluehost provides:

Limitless WordPress Installs
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Domains
Endless Email Accounts

They provide a simple one click wordpress installation so you don’t need to go through any technical problems.


They’re the quickest growing hosting provider. This is as a result of their excellent support services and response. With an impressive 600Gb of disk space and 6000Gb of bandwidth your WordPress blog could develop further and further. HostGator provide you with unlimited domains and databases, so if you’re planning to host multiple blog on your account, HostGator is perfect.

HostGator has been providing hosting services for nearly 10 years. Also, there’re some similarities between Bluehost and Hostgator; like Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and emails. They also provide one-click WordPress installation, 24/support, forty-five days money back guarantee, and $100 Google AdWords Credit – All this for only $3.96 a month because of a 20% coupon they provide.


Though more cost effective than HostGator and BlueHost, Hostmonster also provide great support and uptime. 3000 GB bandwidth and 300 GB disk space is much more than enough for almost any growing WordPress blog. Suitable for anybody looking to keep first costs low.

Affordability is a good reason why some choose a certain web host, and it ought to be a necessity. A safe WordPress hosting company like Hostmonster uses virtualization; therefore servers tend to be secure and also suitably affordable whether for simple or complex hosting needs.

Hosting does not need to be insecure or costly, and you need to have the possibility to scale individual hosting resources to fit your financial capability.



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need fastest wordpress hosting company

Top 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers in 2015

This article is going to talk about the fastest WordPress hosting available on the market. The worst thing you can do is set up a web hosting account and find out that it’s slow. I have actually made this mistake before. I actually went to a web host, which I won’t name, and purchased web hosting and even set up a full website.

I noticed that the hosting account was slow, but I thought maybe I just setup wordpress wrong. So I contacted the web host and I said “hey I thought you’re supposed to be a fast web hosting provider for WordPress??” and they said “We are! We don’t know what’s wrong with your website..”

I had them look at it and there was nothing they could do. Basically I spent hours building a website with slow hosting, the website wasn’t up half the time, and I had to eventually pay someone to help move the website to a new WordPress host. All that is very time consuming and expensive. So the solution is to find a fast web hosting provider from the beginning.

I’ve tried multiple different hosts just because I write books on building websites. A lot of companies contact me and asked me to promote their web hosting company in my book. So I’ve been set up with free accounts from multiple different web hosting companies to try out their services. The best web hosting providers that I worked with our Go Daddy, InMotion, and Bluehost. These are some of the fastest web hosting providers out there and they’re very reliable.

There some WordPress web hosts that only cost $1 per month, but you get what you pay for it. If your WordPress hosting only cost $1 per month then do you think there’s any budget left for customer service? Probably not! You need to make sure that you try the web hosts first before you spend a lot of time building your website.

Install a WordPress website and just play around with the default theme first to see how fast the website is moving. If the website seems like it’s slow, then do not proceed building the entire website. Just switch to a different web host that’s fast.

This is a review site based on experience but you can search the internet and find other reviews for web host. Slow web hosting is a bad user experience. Websites that have a bad user experience won’t rank in Google. If you don’t rank in Google you won’t make any money.