Dedicated WordPress Hosting

dedicated wordpress hosting

What’s Dedicated WordPress Hosting

In layman’s terms, a dedicated server is like a rented computer that is available to one person alone. The renter does not have to share the computer and its resources with others. It is a great option for resource heavy, complex websites and those that expect a lot of traffic. Of course this is a very expensive option for the website owner/developer. However, it gives the developer a lot more control over the website and its maintenance.

As the name suggests, in this scenario the server is completely dedicated to the website that resides on it. This website hence does not have to compete with other websites for disk space, bandwidth, page load speed etc. The web developer gets to choose what operating system to use.

Comparison With Shared, VPS and Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting

This is generally the cheapest option for web hosting. It is good for simple and small sites with less traffic. If the site ends up growing in size and visitor traffic, upgrades to the hosting plan can be made. The next best upgrade for this situation is using the VPS – Virtual Private Server hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting is a compromise between a dedicated server and shared hosting. It shares one physical server on which there are virtual partitions made for different websites. Some of the issues that are faced by users of shared hosting are still possible with VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Users of dedicated hosting do not share any resources or the server itself with anyone. This gives them lots of disk space and bandwidth limits. The user has the freedom to make changes to the hosting environment as required. The security for the website also becomes more robust.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting can be a good choice for websites that experience spikes of high traffic. Here the user only pays for the amount of resources utilized. Downside of this plan being the lack of control on the environment and reduced security.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting


  • Having your own dedicated server gives you the freedom to do whatever you want.
  • There are no limits on the growth of the site or its complexity.
  • Heavy applications like chat servers cannot be run on the cheaper hosting options. Dedicated servers can handle them very well.
  • Experience faster uploads and downloads.
  • No more suffering due to other users mistakes.
  • Much better security for your website.
  • Any changes to software on the environment can be easily made.
  • User can decide on the operating system to use.


  • It is an expensive option.
  • The user needs to do a lot of server administration or at least get someone else to do it.
  • Non-technical people and beginners find it hard to set up a dedicated hosting environment.
  • They can experience crashes and getting everything up and running again is difficult.
  • If the data center housing the server has poor security, slow internet connection or bad power supply, these can damage your server usage.

Server Administration While Running a Dedicated Server

A considerable level of server administration knowledge is helpful while using a dedicated server. Unlike with shared hosting, here the customer is responsible for everything that goes on with the server.

Security issues, software upgrades, performance issues, server crash etc. to name a few of the tech problems that can arise. There can also be problems with the database queries and codes running the website.

The server owner can employ a tech support team or IT staff to take care of these issues. Someone in this group of people should be a SysAdmin.

The web hosting provider companies also offer packages with managed hosting. In these packages the tech support and management is included as a part of the services provided.

Dedicated IP Addresses

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a set of numbers given to each device accessing the internet. It is unique to a device and makes it possible for the internet to identify which particular device is accessing a site.

Mobile devices, computers and servers all have their own unique IP addresses. With the help of IP addresses internet traffic gets routed to the right places i.e.: the right website.

In a shared hosting plan, a number of websites are hosted on one server. As a result, they all have the same IP address. They essentially share an IP address like other resources.

In case of websites using a dedicated server, the server’s unique IP address is assigned to them. However, if multiple websites are hosted on one server by the same developer/site-owner, they all share an IP address. But the developer still controls all these websites.

Some web hosting providers allow the customers of a shared hosting plan to buy a dedicated IP address as an addition to their hosting package. This may not be a very smart idea.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated IP Address:

  • Provides better security for the website via SSL certificate.
  • The site expects high traffic and needs dedicated resources of its own.
  • The downtime experienced by a site with a dedicated IP address is very less.
  • FTP can be used by the site on a regular basis.

On The Flip-side:

  • Having a dedicated IP address does not always help in better search optimization.
  • The impact to the page load speed of the website is not very significant.
  • It’s not the same as using a dedicated server.

Choosing The Right Hosting Provider

GoDaddy is the most recommended web hosting provider company for Dedicated Hosting. It’s positive points include a free domain name, email address, databases and unlimited traffic for the website.

The next high ranking company is InMotion. InMotion scores with its provision for unlimited disk space, MySQL databases, bandwidth and email. The hosting plans are cost effective. Bluehost is at number three and specializes in low cost hosting plans too. It also provides a free domain and unlimited bandwidth.

Considering the requirements, features of your website, while also looking at the pros and cons of each web hosting plan is very important in choosing the right hosting provider.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is hosting?

dedicated wordpress hosting

dedicated wordpress hosting

When someone wants to make a website so that people can see it, he or she needs a space over the internet to place that website so that people can use their web browsers to access that website. Web hosting is the service that allows users to place their website over the internet.

There are many companies who provide the necessary technology and expertise to do this task and are known as web hosting service providers. In simpler words, web hosting is basically getting a place on the internet for rent.

What is dedicated hosting?
Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting service in which is completely dedicated to the needs of a customer. In dedicated hosting, there is only one server and it is used for only a single purpose, for example, a website. There are no other users on that server and the client gets a whole server for his or her website.

How does dedicated hosting work?
In dedicated hosting, there is only a single server leased by a client and no other user can use its services. It is exclusive for the task of a single client. It allows the client to have complete control over the server.

What is a dedicated hosting server?
A dedicated server is the web hosting server that is used for dedicated web hosting. A dedicated hosting server fulfills the need of only one customer and is completely dedicated to hosting one website. In short, a computer that is being used as a web server is called dedicated web server if is dedicated to only one task i.e. hosting a website.

Why do people use dedicated hosting?
Big organizations and people who have high traffic on their websites use dedicated hosting services. It not only provides them the complete control on their web server but it also provides customized solutions to their problems related to web hosting. Dedicated hosting allows its clients to access all the server resources that are needed for their website.

What is the difference between dedicated hosting and web hosting?
Web hosting is simply hosting of websites on the internet whereas dedicated web hosting is also a type of web hosting but it allows users to have a whole server dedicated to their needs and have complete access to the resources and web servers. The client does not have to share the web server with other users in dedicated web hosting.

What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting allows the clients to store the data of their websites on web servers. But, in shared hosting, data of multiple websites is stored on a single web server.

What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?
In shared hosting, a client has to share a web server with other users who also want their websites to be hosted by that company or server. But, in dedicated hosting, there is only a single web server dedicated to a single client and his/her website. A client does not have to share the space of the web server with other users.

What is the difference between shared server and the dedicated server?
The web server of shared hosting stores the data and keeps multiple websites over the internet. On the other hand, a dedicated server is only used for hosting one website on the internet. It only has the data of one website and is completely dedicated to it. Shared servers mean there is another neigh or who are also using the resources whereas dedicated hosting only caters individual needs.

What are the benefits of dedicated hosting service?
There are many benefits of dedicated web hosting service. It provides more freedom as compared to shared hosting. It provides the higher level of security to the websites. It also provides higher level of control and complete access to the hosting resources to the client. It increases the performance of the website and the most important benefit of dedicated hosting is that there is no problem faced by the website even if it has very high traffic.

Many websites which are hosted on shared servers crash or load slowly if the traffic increases but this is not a problem in dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting service providing also provides full customer support to their customers. Whenever they face a problem, they can contact the service providing company 24 hours a day.

Who provides dedicated web hosting services?
As we know that dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting, therefore, it is provided by companies known as web hosting providers. For example, HostGator, 1&1, Rackspace, etc.

Who uses dedicated hosting services?
Dedicated hosting services are mostly used by big organizations and websites that have huge traffic. It is also used by large e-commerce websites and companies who have high profile clients.

Is dedicated hosting secure and reliable?
Yes, the dedicated hosting is more secure and reliable. Companies who provide dedicated services also offer the higher level of security and provide the best and reliable services to their clients.

As dedicated hosting is dedicated for a single customer, their security is also tailored as per their needs. Dedicated hosts are not shared with other people so they do not have to worry about the security threats from the activities of other users of the same server.

What is meant by a dedicated email server?
A dedicated email server is also a type of dedicated hosting. Dedicated email server allows its customers to host email accounts. If an organization wants customized email accounts for its employees, it needs an email hosting service to manage the customized email accounts. Dedicated email hosting provides that organization the resources and tools which help the companies t manage a lot of email accounts and data.

Is dedicated hosting service expensive?
Dedicated email hosting is not too expensive but still, it is difficult to afford for smaller businesses. Therefore, only those websites which have higher traffic or big organizations use dedicated hosting. You can easily get cheap dedicated hosting but if you want high-quality services, you should know that it will cost a bit more as compared to shared hosting.