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wordpress email hosting

Email Hosting For WordPress

A web hosting service that operates email servers is an email hosting service. Free email like webmail that is most commonly used is supported by advertisements and hence free of cost. Email hosting services charge the customers a fee for premium email service that is free from any advertisements. These are generally used by small and medium sized businesses or by individuals who largely depend on email for their work.

Larger businesses or enterprises have their own email services. They run their own email hosting services using software like Postfix. Email hosting providers offer customized email solutions for their customers. Each email hosting provider can have different solutions and technology available for the customers’ email requirements. Most web hosting providers offer POP3 based email or webmail like SquirrelMail, MailChimp, Horde etc.

Top Providers For Email Hosting

Most customers shopping for quality email hosting services are either business owners (small or enterprise-level) or individuals wanting to establish their personal brand. In each scenario, unlimited resources, reliability and free domain are important factors considered while choosing the ideal email host.

Reviewers have rated the following hosting providers as the best for email hosting based on the different user requirements and other criteria. The factors like reliability, simplicity of use and robust security have been considered while rating the providers. Most of them offer free email, domain names and good tech support.

Best Provider For Unlimited Email Hosting

Bluehost is the best option for unlimited email hosting. Along with email the customers also receive unlimited domains and storage space. Plus, a domain is provided free of charge for as long as the customer remains with the hosting service. Other useful features like anti-virus, SPAM filtering and email forwarding tools make this option even more attractive.

Best Provider For Cost-Effective Email Hosting

GoDaddy’s $1 web hosting plans are considered the best value in the email hosting
world. Their amazing customer support, shared hosting plans, ease of use and provision of unlimited email make GoDaddy the leader in cost-effective email hosting.

Best Email Server Hosting Provider

InMotion is rated highest for dedicated email server hosting. This is majorly due to its features of high processing power, RAM and storage space. The performance is further improved by top quality hardware and SSDs.

Best All-Rounder In Email Hosting

SiteGround web hosting service has managed to consistently make it to the top of the list of best email hosts. It can literally be called the best of the best. Its webmail access, SPAM filters, easy installation, great support for POP3 and IMAP and provision of a free domain have taken it to the top. SiteGround is hence the all-rounder in email hosting.

Top Providers For Email Hosting Along With Free Domains

eHost, iDeaHost, IPage and BlueHost are few of the reviewers’ favorites among email hosts that offer a free domain name.

Cheap Email Hosting With Free Domain

IPage and eHost are the cheapest options for a huge list of useful features along with free domain and email. Most reputed inexpensive email hosts have the following features:

  • Good security, virus protection and SPAM filters
  • Webmail and auto responders
  • Reliable tech support
  • High quality hardware
  • Free domain name and unlimited email accounts

Top Providers For Business Email Hosting

Small Business Email Hosting

Reliable services at a low cost is what appeals to small business owners the most. eHost offers budget friendly options that include lifelong domain names, unlimited resources and marketing credits. The security features like SPAM filtering and anti-virus are definitely big plus points.

Big Enterprise Email Hosting

Larger businesses are more interested in high performance features in the web hosting services. They generally have a bigger budget for spending on the service. InMotion offers hosting plans with high quality hardware and SSD. The unlimited storage, SPAM safe protection and IMAP security are also attractive features.

Top Providers For Personal Email Hosting

Even when an individual is not a small business owner, many a times he/she can benefit from decent personal branding. An email host can offer this to its customers. The customer could be a freelancer looking for new opportunities or a graduate student looking the first real job.

In any situation email ids like john@smithwilson.com is more likely to yield positive results than regular email ids like john123@gmail.com. Having a domain name of their own gives the customer a level of professionalism that a general email id cannot.

Bluehost offers hosting plans that are perfect for personal email hosting. The customers will receive a free domain name with unlimited email and compatibility with all major webmail. The customers’ email comes along with security features like anti-virus and SPAM protection. Access to cPanel is also provided in the plan.

Top Providers For Secure Email Hosting

Nowadays most reputed web hosting providers offer high level of security in their plans. InMotion and SiteGround are leaders in the market for secure email hosting. SPAM filtering, virus protection, IMAP and POP3 support and round the clock monitoring are among the important security features offered by these web hosts.

Hosted Email Through Google Apps

As we know very well, Google Apps is a hosted solution that provides multiple Google services. One of their most important features is their custom Gmail service that is popular among freelancers and small business owners. This service is powered by Gmail but the users do not have to use @gmail.com address. They get to use an email address that reflects their domain name.

Gmail’s spam filtering facility is still available along with most other features. The Google Apps for Business costs $5 user/month. This factor is highly appealing to small businesses on a budget. The personal/professional branding, reliability and easy of use are the most important features that make Google Apps popular as a hosted email solution.

In conclusion, Google Apps offers a complete hosted email solution. All the advantages of Gmail including the robust security and good performance along with the professionalism that comes with having a personalized domain name make Google Apps a great option.

Email Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is a host?

wordpress email hosting

wordpress email hosting

The term “host” refers to a computer who has access to the internet and other computers over the internet. Hosting is a space on the internet where a person can store and keeps all the data of web pages. This data is stored by the host. Whenever someone access to a particular page on the internet, a request is sent to the hosting service and the required data or web page is transmitted to the user’s computer. In short, hosting is a space over the internet where websites are hosted and the computer that provides this space is known as the host.

What is meant by a mail account?
A mail account is like a mailbox. It keeps your data of emails on the server until you view your emails or download them with the help of an email program. An email program is the type of a software that is installed on your computer. This software helps you to access your mail account. An example of a mail account is outlook express.

What is an email service?
Email service is the service provided by an organization to people and other organizations to send, receive and store emails with the help of email servers.

What is an email address?
Email address is a virtual address to access the email account of a user. People use their email address to access their email account and perform multiple actions like viewing, storing and deleting their emails.

What is an email hosting?
An email hosting is the type of a web hosting that operates and manages email servers. It works with the help of POP3 or IMAP. If someone owns a domain name and wants a personalized email address on that domain name to communicate with other people, he or she needs a server space over the internet and some customized email ids to communicate. Email hosting service providers provide this server space and customized email IDs according to domain names to the users. It uses POP3 or IMAP which means that all emails and data may not be synchronized.

What is POP3?
POP3 or Post Office Protocol 3 is an email protocol that is used to save your email message son your local storage.

What is IMAP?
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email protocol that is used to do everything on the mail server.

What is web hosting?
Web hosting service is provided by the companies who lease space on their web servers to websites. Web hosting is basically keeping the website over the internet. People pay the web hosting companies to store the data of their websites on their servers, and whenever someone tries to access a page on the internet, a request is sent to the web server and the web server processes this request and sends the required page to the user’s browser.

What is the difference between an email hosting and web hosting?
Web hosting is different than email hosting because web hosting plans allow the organizations and people to save the content of their websites over the internet. Web hosting is useful for people who want their own blog or for businesses. On the other hand, email hosting plans help businesses to look more professional while communicating with their clients. Email hosting helps businesses and professionals to keep their emails secure and safe. Using a professional email address helps people to focus more on their business because the emails are managed by the email hosting provider.

What are some benefits of an email hosting?
There are many benefits of email hosting. Email hosting allows the businesses to get a personalized email address of their company website domain. This email address helps them to communicate professionally with their customers. On the other hand, emails are managed by email hosting companies. Professional email hosting provides a safe and secure method to manage and communicate through email. Most important of all, email hosting is very affordable. You do not need to have an email server or any other thing, an email hosting company takes care of all your needs.

What is an email server?
An email server acts as a virtual post office of emails. It handles emails over the internet.

Why we need email servers?
To be able to send, receive or store emails, we always need an email server. It is sometimes also known as a mail server.

What is the function of an email server?
The function of an email server is to receive, store and transmit emails. An email server has space on which it stores your emails, whenever a client sends an email to someone, it receives that email and delivers it to other servers. It also delivers emails to the client’s computer.

How does an email hosting service works?
Every email server over the internet has a unique address. Whenever a client sends an email to someone, DNS servers inform the webmail services and email servers that where should they forward that email by identifying the exact address.

Who uses email hosting services?
Professionals and businesses use email hosting services. However, mostly email hosting services are used by small business owners and small companies because bigger companies have their own email servers. But, small businesses prefer to use email hosting services instead of having their own email server.

Why people use email hosting services?
People use email hosting services because it is safe, secure, easy to handle, professional and affordable.

Why should we pay for email hosting service instead of using free email services?
Having a personalized email address is an important factor of the branding of a business regardless of its size. So, instead of communicating with customers through an ISP email address like google or yahoo, it is more professional to use company’s email address.

Is email hosting service secure?
Yes, email hosting service is safe and secure. Most email hosting companies provide virus and spam protections.

Who provides the services of email hosting?
Email hosting services are provided by the email hosting companies.