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free wordpress hosting

Is Free WordPress Hosting Worth It?

With the growing interest of people wanting to have their own website has given rise to an overwhelming competition in the hosting service market. These companies offer mostly the same services with a few changes and varying prices. Selecting one of these hosting services out of thousands can be extremely intimidating.

Among these hordes of hosting providers there are few that offer free hosting meaning they provide their client with a site that they can use free of charge. Though at first free hosting might seem like a great idea but as time passes and the limitations start to become clearer you realize you are better off with a paid hosting service. Some limitations of using free hosting for your business are seen below.

Hosting Security

Best free web hosting sites hardly provide any security for their clients. In recent time when there are countless hackers just waiting to take advantage holes in security this will drastically impact how your business operates. Furthermore, even if you opt for individual security from another provider it will cost considerably more than owning a private hosting. Additionally visitors will know that you aren’t able to provide them security due to the company’s name being attached to your URL making it evident that you are using free hosting. Thus, many people willingly end up terminating their deal with the free hosting provider.

Hosting Uptime

Since you aren’t the only one that is being provided free hosting it will be inevitable for the servers to be up for reasonable periods of time. Due to so many people using the same resources it is impossible for the provider to keep their servers running for extensive periods of time. Also due to so many people using the same servers it will cause the speed of each page your visitor load s to slow down so much that they will most definitely look for another site with similar services.

Web Hosting Features

As compared to the features provided by private hosting providers and free hosting providers, those of free hosting providers are extremely less in comparison. If you intend to make a site that is both fast and visually stunning then this is a major flaw which should not be overlooked. Additionally, you will only be provided with extremely small storage space and data transfer speed halting any future growth for your website. These limitations can cause major problems if you attend to manage a site for business purposes or intend to make an entertainment site. If so, it is highly recommended that you seek private hosting.

Website Ownership

The reason why free web hosting is free in the first place is that, you do not actually own the site. The company that is providing you with free hosting have their name attached to the URL, which means you do not have the anatomy and flexibility that you would have with your own paid hosting.

If you can manage your site with all of these limitations then feel free to do so. But if you feel like all of these limitations are far more costly than they are worth then feel free to choose a private hosting site out of the many available.

Free WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is an Internet Hosting?
An Internet hosting service is a service that runs Internet servers, permitting organizations and individuals to provide data to the Internet. There are a variety of levels of service and various types of services provided.

A general type of hosting is web hosting. A lot of hosting providers suggest a combination of services; e-mail hosting, for example. DNS hosting service is typically bundled with domain name registration. The general type of Internet hosting supplies a server where the customers can run whatever they want and have Internet connections with good upstream bandwidth.

What is web hosting?
A web hosting service is a form of Internet hosting service that lets people and companies create their website available via the World Wide Web (also known as “WWW”). Web hosts are companies or organizations that give freedom on a server owned or leased for use by customers, in addition to, providing Internet connectivity, normally in a data center. Web hosts can also deliver data center space and connectivity to the Internet for more servers placed in their data center, called colocation.

What is free web hosting?

free wordpress hosting

free wordpress hosting

A free web hosting is a free, non-paid web hosting service, usually offer mandatory ads on subscriber’s website for earning profits. Free web hosting that does not make use of publicity also exists; these services regularly come with a few restrictions on usage. Free web hosts will regularly offer a subdomain (e.g. or a directory (e.g.

In evaluating, paid web hosts will generally offer a second-level domain along with the hosting (e.g. A lot of free hosts agree to use of separately purchased domains. Not often, a free host may also work as a domain name registrar. Many host offer model builders to create website design easier. There are also several free domain companies that may supply free third level domain names free with DNS and other services.

A number of such admired free web hosts (moreover known as blog hosts) are and WordPress. When websites are formed with these free website hosting services, the websites acquire such names as and Nevertheless, most of the free hosting providers are not careful to be consistent.

Is free web hosting is secured?
No, free web hosting is not so reliable and secure as compared to paid web hosting. If one website is hacked, it means the security of all other accounts is compromised.

What are the advantages of free web hosting?
The major advantage of using a free web hosting service is that it is free. There is no membership or monthly fee and you can set up your own website without any cost. It is best for beginners who want to be bloggers because free web hosting sites are user-friendly. Apart from this, you can take as much time as you want because there are no fees so won’t think that you are wasting your money and making nothing out of it. There are also no contracts involved, so, whenever you think that blogging is not for you, you can quit anytime.

What are the disadvantages of free web hosting?
Free web hosting services lack some features as compared to paid web hosting services. Free web hosting services also provide limited space, so, if you want to add content regularly, then maybe free web hosting is not the best option. Apart from this, free web hosting of your blog does not look professional and it also involves some security risks. Free web hosting is also supported by ads even if you don’t want ads on your blog.

Why companies provide free web hosting?
Free web hosting is actually not free. It is a marketing strategy of companies to market their services and attract customers. Sometimes, free web hosting is also supported by ads and they make money through this. Sometimes businesses provide free web hosting to test their website and its features and check the response of their users.

Why people prefer paid web hosting services instead of free web hosting?
People prefer paid web hosting services over free web hosting because it is easier for them to manage their account. Paid web hosting also looks professional and it conveys the message that the blogger is serious about his or her blog. It also has many other benefits that include larger space, many features, unique domain name and professional email address.

Describe the difference between client and server?
Client/server is a link in which one program (the client) needs a service or store from another program (the server) while the client/server model can be used by programs within a single computer, it is a more considerable idea for networking.

In free web hosting, the client is a program (or a node) that creates a connection throughout a Network and requests to get in touch with a resource. The server is a program (or a node) that receives client’s request and delivers the content of the resource to the client. Your Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome of internet explorer) is a client program that has requested a service from a server. The Server provides the content of a web page as a service to the client.

What is an IP address?
Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numeric identifiers that are required by each device that connects to the Internet. Most of the Internet is now addressed with IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses. IPv6 addresses are also in use, but not still to the similar point.

IPv6 is a more recent protocol, supplying a much bigger address group than IPv4. However, IPv6 is not projected as a direct alternated for IPv4. slightly, the two address protocols are able to be used together across the Internet.

How can you know the IP address of your computer?
There are many methods to learn your computer’s IP address. But the easiest one is described below.
To determine the IP address of your computer, go to the “command prompt” also known as “cmd”
and type “ipconfig”. By this method, you can learn the IP address of your computer.