Niche WordPress Hosting

niche wordpress hosting

What’s Niche WordPress Hosting

Many a times web hosting clients need to perform certain tasks or create certain functionalities for their website that need specialized services from the web hosting providers. These could also be special technical requirements. In this situation, regular shared hosting plans will not be ideal for the clients. Shared hosting plans are created keeping in mind only the generic web hosting requirements of clients. Niche hosting is the solution for clients with special requirements for their websites.

Niche hosting basically means selecting a niche industry/product and customizing the web hosting services to cater to the needs of that particular industry. This could be a business category like finance, tourism or retail. It could also mean focusing on making your web hosting budget friendly specializing it for small businesses or clients working on tight budgets. In broader terms, a niche hosting provider will carefully consider all the unique requirements of the industry they serve and develop web hosting plans to specifically suit them.

Business Niche Hosting

A small to medium sized mostly non-technical business will not need anything special for its website. Regular shared hosting from a reputed provider will work just fine. However, in many other cases the situation is not this simple.

Bigger businesses, online stores or businesses that majorly depend on their websites for revenue have a lot more specific requirements for their websites. Management of large amount of traffic and robust security are a couple of the important ones. Also high reliability, tech support, uptime guarantees and backups are very important. InMotion web hosting provider is considered the top provider for business hosting.

Cheap/Value Hosting

Generally, in the world of web hosting, cheap hosting/ free hosting plans are not recommended for anyone. These plans might be very inexpensive and save you some money but the poor quality services that you receive are not worth it at all.

However, there are affordable web hosting plans available with web hosting providers that will offer decent quality service at good rates. Expert reviewers recommend GoDaddy for cheap hosting services.

Multiple Domain/Sites Hosting

Most web hosting providers offer multiple domain hosting plans. These plans allow you to have several domain names even with a single hosting account. It is useful for clients that own many different businesses or sell many different products/services online.

There are also unlimited hosting plans. These plans allow you to own unlimited websites from a single account. However, ‘unlimited’ can never literally mean unlimited. Resources are always going to be limited. The larger your website is and the more traffic it generates the faster you will reach the limits of the resources and need an upgrade. Bluehost is rated as the best web hosting provider for unlimited hosting. GoDaddy is recommended for multiple domain hosting.

Green Hosting

More and more individuals and enterprises are now becoming aware of the negative impact technology has on the environment. This is making them very keen on reducing their carbon footprint and the damage being done to the ecosystem as a whole. Green web hosting helps its clients play this important part. Green web hosting providers make efforts to use lesser electricity by using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, etc. to power their data centers and offices. They also commit to planting trees with the sale of their services. GreenGeeks and iPage are popular providers for green hosting.

Image Hosting

All web hosting plans allow their clients to store and use an average number and size of images. This is okay for small businesses and individual clients. However, if the client is running a big photography business or practices image sharing on an extensive level, a regular web hosting plan will not be ideal. A plan specialized in image hosting that offers higher bandwidth and more disk storage will be required.
SiteGround, BlueHost and HostGator and recommended providers for image hosting.

Podcast Hosting

When a client runs his/her own podcast a lot of video and audio streaming is done on the website. This kind of a site needs a large storage and bandwidth capacity for all the audio and video files. Plus, the chances of traffic on the website increasing drastically are very high. As a result, podcast hosting is a type of niche web hosting.

Along with higher bandwidth and storage the podcast hosting providers also provide special server-side software that is needed for streaming. Expert reviewers recommend InMotion for podcast hosting.

Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting plans generally cater to clients that need to host their websites in data centers in another country. The main reasons for this are financial benefits and legal restrictions in the home country. Sweden is the most common offshore hosting location. This is because of the country’s culture of speech rights protection. DotServant is the number one provider for offshore hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a specialized hosting service that caters to clients use WordPress extensively. The service offers simple setup, maintenance and tech support for WordPress. The tech support staff has great expertise in WordPress and effectively guides the users through any complex situations or tech issues. Several web hosting providers offer Managed WordPress Hosting packages. They differ based on the features and prices. GoDaddy is the recommended web hosting provider for Managed WordPress Hosting.

SaaS Hosting

SaaS or Software as a Service is a type of niche hosting service in which the software is available on the remote server that is accessed by the client for use without having to load it on the client’s computer. The client generally accesses the software via his/her web browser and pays a monthly subscription fee for this service. This saves the client the disk storage and computational resources that might be needed for loading and using the software. InMotion is the recommended web hosting provider for SaaS Hosting.

Why Is Niche Hosting Becoming Popular?

Niche hosting is definitely more expensive than regular shared hosting plans. However, its popularity is increasing day-by-day. This is mainly because niche hosting providers hire staff that is either trained or experienced in the field that their job will be focusing on. As a result, the service offered by the web host has better overall quality with quicker and more efficient troubleshooting which increases its popularity among clients.

Niche WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is a niche website?
Niche website can be defined as a website that focuses on a specific topic for the audience. The niche chosen for the website should be well-defined. Niche concept can be understood with non-niche examples. Msn and Amazon websites are a good example for non-niche websites. Even if they focus on news and shopping, they don’t focus on one era. If we take Msn, a niche website would focus on sports news or even more specifically on football or basketball news.

How can you find your niche?
While finding your niche, there are some steps you should consider. To begin with, you should identify your talents and interests. Then, you should determine what do you enjoy the most of those talents and interests. Afterward, you should conduct a market research so as to see what people need and what is valuable for the audience. You should be able to find your niche after considering the steps above.

What is niche web hosting?

niche wordpress hosting

niche wordpress hosting

You need a space where you can upload the designed niche web pages. The space that is reserved for your niche website on configured servers in order to run the website is called as niche web hosting. Niche web hosting service is provided on servers, which are more powerful than computers. Servers have to be on and accessible at all hours of the day and night.

What is the difference between niche web hosting?
Niche web hosting is a little different than classical web hosting since you need to consider the hosting based on your niche. The general hosting options for niche websites are shared, VPS (Virtual Provide Servers) and dedicated hosting.

If you are a novice, shared hosting would be fine for you since it’s the cheapest option. You get a server for yourself when you use dedicated hosting and you get the highest level of performance with this option. VPS is using a server virtually with partitions, as there are many servers on one server. Therefore, it’s ideal for a newbie to start with shared hosting and move to other options in time.

How to choose a niche web hosting company?
Above all, you need to decide the requirements of your website. Then, you should consider the budget and choose your web hosting company. You should make a research about the companies and see their references. You should read the contract that the company offers to you carefully. If there is no contract, it would be better for you not to work with this company.

You can send an e-mail to see the response time. You can demand the office address and telephone number of the company and check whether such a company exists. Finally, it would be nice for you to choose a company providing money refund option to you in case you are not satisfied with the service.

What is the domain name?
Domain name is the identity needed to appear on the Internet. In other words, domain names are the name and address of your website. Visitors cannot reach your website without this address. You need to find a domain name for your website and register this domain for yourself. A domain name can be registered at least for a year. If you do not renew your domain name before the registration period ends, someone else may register your domain name.

If you consider that remembering an IP address is not practical, you should choose a domain name that is easy to remember. The domain name has a critical role in almost every activity over the Internet such as creating a website, sending and receiving e-mails.

What is IP address?
IP (Internet Protocol) is the address that computers connected to the Internet or network use so as to send data to each other. Computers reach the other computers via this address. IP addresses are commonly indicated in a format of 32 bytes. For instance:

You can connect to the Internet page by writing the IP address on the browser’s address line. However, since writing these numbers is not practical, domain name system is used. Domain Name Servers located in the Internet Service Providers (IPS) know which domain name corresponds the IP address. Hence, these servers direct the users to the correct address.

What is Domain Name System (DNS)?
Domain Name System (DNS) helps users find their way on the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address called IP (Internet Protocol). Since remembering the IP addresses (consist of numerical sequence) is difficult, DNS provides a letter series (domain name) instead of the numerical sequence. Thus, you can type rather than

Which website suffix should I choose? .com, .net or .org?
The most frequently used domain name suffix is .com in the world. However, registering just .com suffix for your website’s domain may be disadvantageous for you in the future. It is recommended to register the suffixes such as, or if you have the chance. Otherwise, you cannot claim any right on a domain name that you did not register for yourself.

Which institution governs the domain name system?
ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the responsible institution for providing appropriate domain names to the Internet users and managing DNS’s (Domain Name System) technical issues. However, ICANN doesn’t involve in controlling the Internet’s content and
commercial undesired spam e-mails.

Can I register any domain name?
The registration process for domain names is based on the first come first serve principle. However, there may be some rules for countries defined by ICANN. There are companies responsible for domain name registration. These companies may demand some documents to register the domain name you want.

How much web space and data transfer limit do I need?
If there aren’t too many pictures, movies or Mp3 files on your website, 10 MB space would be enough for you. If you would keep your information on a database and program your website with PHP or ASP programming languages, you should calculate the space you need based on your database size.
If you have a 1 GB data transfer limit, it would be enough for a website of 50 kb to be viewed around 20,000 in a month. 3-5 GB data transfer limit is appropriate for most of the websites on the Internet.