Reseller WordPress Hosting

reseller wordpress hosting

Reseller WordPress Hosting Summary

Reseller hosting is new avenue for people with aspirations of setting up their own business in the world of web hosting. Instead of being a host or owning an entire web hosting company, reseller hosting gives the clients the chance to make packages of their choice and sell them. It could also serve as an additional income opportunity for website owners.

The reseller hosting industry is almost like subletting a room in a house that is rented by a tenant. Basically, the client will buy/pay for a large amount of storage space, bandwidth and other resources from the host and then sell them independently to other clients.

The host generally does not control the prices nor impose the original brand name on the client’s business. This practically becomes the client’s own business.

Each client venturing into the reseller hosting business will have his/her own reasons to do so. Most common reasons to start a reseller hosting business include:

  • New business opportunity
  • Goal of creating additional income in an established business.
  • Creating websites for friends and family.

Many different types of hosting plans can be used for starting a reseller hosting business. Shared hosting is the most commonly used. The Virtual Private Server(VPS) and dedicated server plans can also be used for more power and control. However, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that reselling is allowed by the host on that particular plan.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • The clients that have intentions of using the web hosting package for reselling many times get big discounts from the host. This is due to their contribution to bringing in new customers for the web hosting company.
  • The client gets to make his/her own profit.
  • The concept of White Label package means that instead of the host’s name the clients or client company’s name will appear on the control panel and invoices of the reseller business. This helps the client’s business get a more professional feel.

Risks In Reseller Hosting

Like every other venture, reseller web hosting comes with its own set of risks.

  • Tech support and inquiry resolution becomes the client’s responsibility.
  • Issues like downtime caused at the host level become the client’s issues too as there is now answerability to the customers.
  • The client has no direct control on the web hosting provider company, however will be affected by its success or failure.
  • White label hosting is expensive.
  • Client needs to handle accounts, backups and other admin tasks.
  • Client will be responsible for other people’s income, businesses, websites etc.

Tech Support For New Clients

The client floating the reseller hosting business will be first order of contact for the new customers. Any basic problems like password recovery, finding a feature etc. will have to be dealt with by the client. If the issues get more complicated than this, the client can take help from the host.

This can be done in two main ways – either the client remains like a middle-man or go-between for the new customers or gets the new customers directly in contact with the original host. This however, needs to be discussed and put down in the contract details beforehand.

Profits From Reseller Hosting

The Reseller Hosting business has come a long way. Few years ago when it was a fairly new kind of industry, there were very few competitors in the field. As a result, today’s web hosting providers that started off as resellers were able to make it into a successful business venture easily.

The situation today is very different. Today a person cannot expect to be able to set up a reseller hosting business and wait for the profits to come in while he/she relaxes. Good strategic marketing, administration and competing with some established businesses will be required to be successful in this field.

A less stressful option to reseller hosting is a ‘set and forget’ earnings solution. In this the client signs-up as the hosting affiliate and only brings more customers to the original host. The client here is like a ‘silent partner’ and marketing person for the host. This option is less time and energy consuming but, the earnings are definitely way lesser.

Choosing The Right Reseller Hosting Plan

Currently there are many companies in the market offering reseller hosting plans. The options in features and support offered by these plans are varied. Each prospective client needs to analyze these options properly while choosing the right plan for starting a reseller hosting business. Some of the popular brand names in the reseller hosting business are as follows:


Bluehost is a web hosting company very often recommended for shared, VPS as well as dedicated hosting. It can easily be called one of the leaders in the business. It offers the reseller clients SSDs, a good caching system and access to CloudFlare’s CDN. These features will set a reseller business apart from its competitors. Bluehost is famous for its WordPress Hosting service. It provides automatic updates, easy installation and a command line management option. The email service provided by Bluehost is also reliable and unlimited with most plans.


InMotion being the all-rounder in the reseller hosting industry, is popular for its cPanel and WHM provision. It also provides the reseller clients with management tools for free. Another important feature is InMotion’s SSDs. SSDs boost the performance of the hosting service and make it 20x faster. In addition to this there are the unlimited email addresses, automatic backups and much more.


HostGator is the best option for beginners who need a web hosting plan. It is a company that will also help its reseller clients’ run a successful business. Its provision of unlimited emails, MySQL, unlimited domains and FTP accounts allows the reseller clients to offer their customers the most flexibility and scalability.

Free Reseller Hosting

reseller wordpress hosting

reseller wordpress hosting

There are some hosting providers that offer reseller hosting plans for absolutely no charge. Their plan is to make up for this money and make profit by showing unlimited advertisements on the websites on the hosted account.

The customers have to suffer through these advertisements plus they are provided with hardly any good tech support. Hence, these plans are quite worthless in the long run. It is better for the client to buy a decent and cost effective web hosting plan from a reputed web hosting provider.

Reseller WordPress Hosting FAQ

Who is a reseller?
A seller is someone who sells something. And a reseller is a person who buys something from a seller to resell it. His intention is not to use that product or service but to resell it to consumers. The thing that is being sold may be a product such as a laptop or a service, for example, a web hosting service.

What is reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting is the type of a web hosting service in which a hosting service provider company rents a space on its web server and bandwidth to another company. This company acts as a reseller and host websites on behalf of the web hosting service provider company. In easy words, reseller hosting means a small company resells the hosting services to its clients on behalf of a big hosting service provider company.

How does reseller hosting work?
A person who is reselling hosting services gets a portion of hard drive space and bandwidth from the hosting company and sells hosting services to end users. First of all, you will have to select a good company who is providing reseller packages and then select a reseller package according to your needs.

After buying a good reseller package, you can further create your own packages and set your own price for these packages. Now after all these steps, you can simply sell these packages to your clients and earn the profit.

What is a third party?
The third party may be a person or a company who is not directly involved in a contract but may be indirectly involved. In terms of a reseller hosting, two major parties are: the client and the reseller hosting service providing company, whereas the company who is renting the space and bandwidth to the reseller is a third party.

What is bandwidth?
The term bandwidth means a lot of information that can be transferred from one place to another in a given time. This given time is generally a second. We often explain our internet speed with the help of bandwidth for example 2.0 Mbps per second. An internet connection with greater bandwidth can transfer more information in a short span of time as compared to a slow internet connection.

What are shared hosting services?
Shared hosting services are only for one owner to host his or her websites. For example, if a person wants to start a blog, he should avail shared hosting services. It is usually used by small companies or individuals.

What is the difference between reseller hosting and shared hosting?
Reseller hosting and shared hosting are completely different from each other. As we already mentioned that a shared hosting service is a single owner and he/she cannot resell it. On the other hand, reseller hosting service is for an owner who wants to resell hosting services to other customers. The reseller is actually acting as a company which is reselling another company’s services.

What is VPS hosting services?
VPS means Virtual Private Server. It is a type of web server that hosts websites and stores the data of these websites. But, what makes it different from an ordinary web server is that it is actually a virtual server instead of a physical server. Web hosting companies sell these Virtual Private Servers to other companies.

What is the difference between VPS hosting and reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting is designed for people or companies who want to become web hosting companies but they want to learn. Therefore, they start their business by reseller hosting. On the other hand, VPS is simply a virtual server that is sold by hosting companies. They have a physical server who has several virtual private servers.

Who uses reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting is used by companies who want to become big web hosting service providing company but, as they are new to this industry, therefore, they want to start as a reseller so that they can learn how to provide hosting services to the clients. Reseller hosting is also used by entrepreneurs who want to earn some money and start their own business on the internet.

Is reseller hosting expensive?
No. There are many web hosting service provider companies who are offering reseller packages. Due to the competency, they all offer very competitive prices which makes reseller hosting very affordable option for those who want to start their reseller hosting business.

Does reseller hosting require extensive technical knowledge?
No, you do not have to be equipped with the extensive technical knowledge to become a reseller hosting service provider. You will have to focus on attracting customers and your hosting service provider will handle all the technical work.

What are some of the benefits of reseller hosting?
There are many benefits of reseller hosting. You can act as a hosting company, you can create your own packages and decide your own price, save money and most important of all is you can earn a profit.

What are the disadvantages of reseller hosting?
There is only one disadvantage of reseller hosting that is a reseller may not provide the best support as compared to a web hosting company. A web hosting company provides best support service 24/7 whereas a reseller who has just started might not be able to provide excellent technical support.

How can I start reseller hosting?
Starting a reseller hosting business is quite easy. All you have to do is to search good reseller packages provided by companies and choose a package. You can now create your own package and decide your own price and sell these services to your customers.

Why should I start reseller hosting?
If you want to earn money and start your business on the internet, reseller hosting is one of the best options. Even if you want to start your own web hosting company, you should start reselling hosting services first.

How easy is it to provide services of reseller hosting?
It is quite simple and easy. You will just have to sell the services on behalf of another company. You do not have to handle the technical issues, maintenance or security issues etc., you do not even need physical web servers.

How much profit can I make by reseller hosting?
It depends on your service and your selling abilities. You can earn a handsome amount of money if you have good selling skills and can persuade customers to buy your service.