VPS WordPress Hosting

vps wordpress hosting

VPS WordPress Hosting Overview

Sometimes a website is too big or complex for shared web hosting and it’s too small for a dedicate server. In this situation VPS hosting comes to the rescue.

VPS or Virtual Private Server gives the customer a section of the hosting environment all to themselves. This means only one website will be on that section of the server. As a result, the website is less prone to risks, the owner has more control and can do more advanced tasks with the website.

The VPS has a virtual machine running on a group of other machines. It is a computer complete with an OS, software and a web server. This gives the user complete super user and root access. Hence, the user gets full control over the hosting environment.

The person owning the VPS will need to do basic server administration. They do not need to be a SysAdmin as most hosting providers will provide them with control panels that help make server administration as easy as possible. Certain pre-configured tools will also take care of some of the admin tasks for the VPS owner.

Compared to shared hosting the overall performance is better with VPS hosting. This is mainly because only one user’s websites compete with each other for server resources. The competition is not with multiple users’ websites like in shared hosting.

Basic Differences in Types of Hosting Environments

Shared Hosting
In shared hosting plans the web hosting provides a hosting service to a number of websites on the same server. Multiple websites literally share the server and all the resources that come with it. Small and simple websites generally use the shared hosting service plans. This is a good, inexpensive option for beginners and small business website owners. However, the security and control of the website is compromised with this hosting option.

Dedicated Server Hosting
When a website owner has a dedicated server hosting package, they have a complete server to themselves. The website then isn’t ever in competition with other websites for resources like bandwidth, disk space or speed. It also means more security and control for the website and its owner.

VPS Hosting
VPS can be called a compromise between a dedicated server and shared server hosting situation. With a VPS, an environment very similar to that of a dedicated server is created. This is done on a server that is actually shared by many websites. That means every website gets its own private environment on a shared server. In conclusion, VPS hosting is the ideal solution for sites with medium size complexity and traffic.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • VPS is an ideal next step for websites that start small using shared hosting and then become bigger and more complex.
  • When a customer is using a VPS their server experience cannot be spoilt in any way by other customers.
  • Resources like disk space, RAM etc. do not have to be shared with anyone.
  • VPS hosting is affordable
  • The set up time required is very less
  • More reliable than shared hosting in terms of security
  • Customer gets access to the server’s configuration, hence more control
  • Each website has its own control panel
  • Customers can customize their own operating system

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

  • Basic server administration knowledge is required
  • Choosing a good web hosting plan can be complicated
  • Issue resolution is the customer’s responsibility in many cases. This can get expensive.

Cloud Hosting

In general, VPS and cloud hosting are quite similar. In cloud hosting plans, the hosts put a VPS on one single disk server. If this disk fails, backups will be needed for the website to be up and running again. Sometimes, hosts also provide a service with the VPS situated in the cloud. Multiple copies of the website will be stored on the SAN – Storage Area Network. The SAN is connected to a physical server.

Another kind of cloud hosting combines servers together and links them with a cloud. VPS servers are then deployed on this cloud and resources are assigned to the VPS instances. In this situation the VPS is not restrained by a single server.

Pros of Cloud Hosting

  • Several instances of the VPS are available across many storage devices. This is useful in times of device failure.
  • Potential downtime is reduced

Cons of Cloud Hosting

  • More expensive
  • Security is compromised
  • There is one server connecting all the storage devices

Tips to Reduce The Expenses With a VPS Hosting Plan

  • Use of a Content Delivery Network reduce the requests to the web server and decrease the bandwidth required.
  • Precompile files like JavaScript templates and SASS files to reduce their use.
  • Cache dynamically generated content.
  • Improve performance by writing better database queries and code.
  • Use better software instead of free programs or plugins.

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Provider

vps wordpress hosting

vps wordpress hosting

There are some important features to consider while choosing the right web hosting provider.

  • Capacity to host multiple domains – It is important to select a web hosting plan with a provider that lets you host multiple domains on the same account. These additional domains will come under the primary domain account but, appear independent from each other to the visitors of the websites.
  • Provision of email addresses – When a web hosting provider gives you an email address attached to your domain, it brings you convenience as well as a feeling of security for your customers. This is very important when you are running a business.
  • File Transfer protocol (FTP) access – FTP access becomes especially important when you need to upload files to your website and visitors to the website download files from it. It gives you more control over this transfer of files.
  • Less downtime – A good web hosting provider needs to ensure that the server is up and running for majority of the time. Any downtime can greatly damage a website and in turn the business it supports. Hence, some guarantee of a reliable environment or cloud hosting for backups should be given by the host.
  • Technical Support – Tech support is very important for first time website developers or beginners trying to learn a particular technology. Issues are bound to come up and guidance from people with expertise helps in resolving them.

VPS WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is the abbreviation of VPS?
VPS is abbreviated as a Virtual Private server.

What is meant by VPS hosting?
VPS hosting is the type of web hosting in which there is a virtual private server that is used to host a website.

What is a Virtual Private Server?
Virtual private servers are the ones which neither directly interfere with the hardware nor collapse with each other. There is no actual hardware on the server which makes it a virtual server and also that there is no intervention in the file systems.

Besides allowing the operating system to intervene in the system, it compels them to firstly request the server, then they queue it and then manages the interpretation. It provides the opportunity of private hosting to the user.

Why do I need VPS hosting?
If you own a shared hosting or you are in search of a devoted server hosting, then virtual private hosting is where your search ends, it will fulfill your needs effectively and less budget would be utilized as compared to other hosting solutions. Virtual private server is known for its nature of flexibility. Another best feature of VPS hosting is that you are free to select the operating system and software of your own choice. After that, you will be given root access to the server.

Who should use VPS hosting?
Any website or business owner who wants to expand his online business must consider virtual service provider as an option because it is affordable and it has more features as compared to the other hosting services that are in the market. It can also handle high traffic easily.

What makes VPS better than other servers?
Virtual private server is more secure, flexible and cost efficient as well as it gives more freedom and resources to its users. And virtual private server can be customized so that you do not have to deal with any feature that you dislike and more importantly it gives you more authority over the server as compared to the shared hosting server.

Is my data secure with VPS hosting?
Yes, VPS hosting is a secure web hosting as it has its own isolated RAM, CPU and all server resources which secure your data more proficiently as compared to the shared hosting.

How long will it take to open the account?
It actually depends on the service provider but mostly after the request has been verified by the authorities your account will be made in a few days.

Is VPS account easy to use?
Yes, virtual private server is easy to use, you can easily manage your VPS with remote desktop access. It is in your hands to add or to delete the software of your own choice.

What type of payment methods are usually used by the customers to get access to the server?
Customers pay through PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, cheques and cash payment in order to get access to the virtual private server.

Is there any guarantee given by the service provider?
Yes, the service level agreement (SLA) is signed between the customer and the service provider which ensures the guarantee of money as well as the other problems.

Am I allowed to keep any type of content on the server?
VPS does not restrict any user from keeping the content as long as it is not violating the terms and conditions of the service provider.

Why is it call “virtual” server?
A virtual private server is not connected to any hardware. Therefore, it is known as a virtual server.

Do I get an IP address?
Yes, you’ll be given one IP address which will help you in running your own websites, emails and FTP server. An IP address acts as an address in a virtual world just like we have an address in the physical world.

What should I do if I face problems with the server?
In case you are facing the problem with the server you can always reboot the server from the control panel all by yourself. If the problem continues, you always have an option to contact the customer support of your web hosting provider and get their help.

Which control panels are available with the VPS hosting?
There are many control panels available, but some of them are of greater importance such as hepsia, cPanel, Plesk and direct admin. If you own a virtual private server, you can install the control panel that the supplier is proposing you.

What types of servers are available in virtual server provider?
There are two types of Virtual private server available, managed server and unmanaged server.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged virtual private server?
Managed virtual private servers are the ones which are administered by the host team which is providing you the virtual private server. It controls the updates, security, and support etc. Whereas the unmanaged virtual private server is the one that is totally under control of the user and is the original form provided by the host to the user.

What is cloud virtual private server hosting?
In cloud VPS hosting, all the data is taken to the cloud, which makes the data scattered and thus it is easier to scale. If there is any hardware issue, and if you own a cloud virtual private server, then the system will transfer your data to another node.

What is the difference between normal VPS and the cloud VPS?
In the standard virtual private server, there is no hardware redundancy. Whereas in the cloud VPS if there is any hardware issue, your data would be sent to another node. Cloud VPS is faster, reliable, affordable and smart.

Are the VPS servers scalable?
Yes, the virtual private servers are easily scalable.

How virtual private server (VPS) is different from the dedicated server?
A VPS can be divided further into numerous servers, which can run their own operating software, applications, and data. Whereas the dedicated server is given on a rent to you by the web host, and you do not have physical access to it.